Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Asif Qasmi has compiled the whole Tafseer of Quran in 26 simple to understand books and named this series “Fehm-ul-Quran”. Below you will find the whole series of Fehm-ul-Quran in 26 books in easy to read pdf documents. Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-1 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-2 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-3 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-4 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-5 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-6 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-7 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-8 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-9 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-10 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-11 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-12 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-13 Fehm-ul-Quran-Book-14 … Continue reading Fehm-ul-Quran-Book